CELU is more than just a place to live. The Casa is an autonomous organ of the Lutheran Church in Brazil (IECLB) - the residents themselves decide the direction of the Casa. They pay the bills, look after the assets, decide on the budget and democratically choose members of the board, boards and department directors. Upon entering the House, the student meets people from the most diverse parts of Brazil and the world. He learns to share the space with other people and, with that, he also learns to respect different opinions and to create a sense of understanding essential for friendship with people from different cultures, from different regions of Brazil and the world. At CELU, the resident makes friends who will form a second family throughout the university period. As time goes by, you will get to know the administrative structure, which is one of the main differentials that the House offers to residents. This allows him to become a solidary and responsible citizen after the academic period.


The Lutheran University Student House, CELU, founded on February 28, 1970, arose from an ideal of pastor Richard Wangen, to create an environment that could welcome young university students who came to Curitiba to take a higher education course, providing them with an environment healthy, human, with study conditions. With the generous donation of the land, where the House is located, by the Hebert Kaehler family and the financial support of the Lutheran Church, using the projects “Evangelische Zentralstelle Fur Entwicklungshilfe EV (Central Evangelical Aid for Development) and Protfurtie Welt (Bread for the World) ”the house began to materialize. Philanthropic entity, CELU is located in front of Passeio Público. Since its foundation, it has played a noble role for the society of Paraná and the entire nation, sheltering young students from the most diverse parts of Brazil and the World, without distinction of race or creed, offering not only a simple house, but a university of life, an environment conducive to personal, spiritual and professional growth in addition to creating a great sense of organization and responsibility, which is today one of the best student houses in Brazil.

Social responsability

Performing with social responsibility all our activities is a challenge that we are proud to aspire to. Throughout our history, we have perfected our way of interacting with society, thus promoting citizenship. See some of our actions. RUA DO RECREIO Twice a year (once a semester), CELU runs Rua do Recreio. In partnership with third parties, toys and games are made available to children. Residents develop activities for a whole day, in the Passeio Público park. COLLECTION AND DONATION OF CLOTHES Every year, CELU promotes an internal and external campaign, aiming to collect clothes, warm clothing for donation. At the beginning of the second semester, the clothes are delivered to a needy community.


The House has more than 40 rooms, has 5 bathrooms, offers internet services, a library, serves breakfast daily for almost 100 people and holds events that promote the well-being of residents and society. All of this demands a lot of work from a lot of people and therefore a lot of organization. To this end, Celu holds two Ordinary Assemblies per semester, the one for goals and budget, and the one for accountability. The management is made up of the Superior Council, the Fiscal Council, the Deliberative Council, the Board of Directors, and those of the Food, Welfare, Cultural, Communication, IT, Cleaning, Electrical Maintenance, Pastoral and Heritage departments.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Executive Officers is the institution's executive body, composed of eight members elected by the General Assembly. The Board comprises: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, First Secretary, Second Secretary, First Treasurer, Second Treasurer, a Department Director elected to represent the directors on the Board.

Superior Council

The Superior Council is constituted as an organ of inspection of administrative morality. It is also responsible for forwarding statutory change projects addressed to the General Meeting.

The Superior Council comprises: 03 members of a Christian Lutheran institution elected by the General Assembly, plus 02 members appointed by the aforementioned members, a former Celu resident elected by the General Assembly and 02 permanent residents also elected by the General Assembly.

Fiscal Council

The Supervisory Board is responsible for inspecting and inspecting treasury activities. The council consists of two residents who are members of the higher council and one more resident elected at the General Assembly.

deliberative Council

The Deliberative Council is the disciplinary body responsible for maintaining good social order in the context of CELU and caretaker of morality among residents. The Deliberative Council is made up of 05 permanent residents elected by the General Assembly.


Food Department

Department responsible for the food activities of the house, whether breakfast is served daily or support and coverage for events

Welfare Department

The Welfare Department receives excursions and assists resources for the well-being of residents

Communication Department

This department is responsible for all the institutional communication of the house, coverage and dissemination of events in addition to the monthly publication of the internal circulation newspaper.

Cultural Department

The Cultural department organizes cultural activities and is responsible for maintaining the home library.

IT department

Provides maintenance to the computers of the residents of the house, makes the maintenance on the internet network and other technology services.

Cleaning Department

Through joint efforts, this department performs heavy cleaning of the common areas of the house. In addition, he coordinates the operation of the cleaning and laundry employees.

Electrical Maintenance Department

Provides maintenance on the electrical network in addition to the repair of other electro / electronic artifacts from the home's heritage.

Pastoral Department

Important political and spiritual organ. It holds events and activities that bring residents of the Lutheran Church of Brazil community together.